Barb Fish OSRS: The Ultimate Guide to Catching and Cooking

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Barb Fish OSRS! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice looking to dive into the world of fishing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), this article is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about catching and cooking Barb Fish.

Barb Fish OSRS: What You Need to Know

Barb Fish OSRS, also known as Leaping Fish, is a popular catch for many players in the game. These agile fish can be found in the Barbarian Outpost, a location that requires partial completion of the Barbarian Fishing activity to access. Catching Barb Fish not only provides an opportunity for skill progression but also offers a valuable source of food.

Where to Do Barbarian Fishing?

Otto’s Grotto

To start Barbarian Fishing, head to the spots located to the north of Otto’s Grotto. The fastest way to reach this area is by using a teleport to Barbarian Assault, which can be done with a games necklace, and then running south.

Barb Fish OSRS Experience Rates

barbarian fishing experience rates
barbarian fishing experience rates

Barbarian Fishing is known for its fast experience rates in the Fishing skill. Starting from level 58 Fishing, players can expect to gain around 40,000 experience per hour while afking or up to 68,000 experience per hour with 3-tick fishing. These rates continue to increase as the player’s Fishing level goes up, reaching approximately 57,000 experience per hour while afking at level 99 and up to 108,000 experience per hour with 3-ticking. Additionally, players can passively gain experience in Strength and Agility skills while engaging in Barbarian Fishing. In fact, it is possible to level up Agility from 1 to 74 purely through Barbarian Fishing on the journey to 99 Fishing.

How to Perform 3-Tick Barbarian Fishing

If you’re looking to optimize your experience gains, 3-tick Barbarian Fishing is the way to go. This method involves precise timing and execution to achieve the maximum experience rates. To learn the technique, you can refer to a video guide that provides a step-by-step walkthrough of 3-tick Barbarian Fishing. Skip to 4:10 in the video to directly access the section on 3-tick fishing.

Catching and Cooking Barb Fish OSRS

Catching Barb Fish

Now that you know where to find them and how to optimize your experience gains, let’s dive into the process of catching Barb Fish. To effectively catch Barb Fish, you will need a Heavy Fishing Rod and fishing bait. It is recommended to have a Fishing level of 58 or higher to ensure optimal experience rates.

Equip the Heavy Fishing Rod and head to the designated spots to the north of Otto’s Grotto. Click on the fishing spot to begin the fishing action. Be prepared to stay attentive, as catching Barb Fish requires quick reflexes. When you see a fish leap out of the water, click on it immediately to catch it. It’s important to note that not all leaping fish are Barb Fish, so be mindful and only catch the right ones.

Cooking Barb Fish

Once you have successfully caught a sufficient number of Barb Fish, it’s time to cook them. Cooking Barb Fish is not only a great way to train your Cooking skill but also provides a delicious source of food. To cook Barb Fish, you will need a Cooking level of 70 or higher.

To begin the cooking process, head to a fire or range and use your raw Barb Fish on it. Each successful cook will grant you 100 Cooking experience points. However, be cautious as there is a chance of burning the fish if your Cooking level is below 80. With a Cooking level of 80 or higher, you will no longer burn Barb Fish, ensuring a higher success rate in cooking.

Cooked Barb Fish serves as a valuable source of healing during combat, as consuming them restores 11 Hitpoints. Whether you’re exploring dangerous dungeons or engaging in intense battles, having a supply of cooked Barb Fish can greatly enhance your survivability.

FAQs about Barb Fish OSRS

1. Can I catch Barb Fish without completing the Fishing Contest quest?

No, the Fishing Contest quest is a prerequisite for accessing the Barbarian Outpost, where Barb Fish can be caught.

2. Can I use any bait to catch Barb Fish?

No, to catch Barb Fish, you will need fishing bait specifically. Make sure to bring an ample supply of fishing bait before embarking on your fishing trip.

3. Is there a level requirement to catch Barb Fish?

While there is no specific Fishing level requirement to catch Barb Fish, it is recommended to have a Fishing level of at least 58 for optimal experience rates and access to leaping salmon.

4. Are Barb Fish tradeable?

Yes, Barb Fish can be traded with other players in the game. If you have an excess amount or wish to share your catch with friends, trading Barb Fish can be a viable option.

5. What are the uses of cooked Barb Fish?

Cooked Barb Fish serves as a source of healing, restoring 11 Hitpoints when consumed. This makes them valuable during combat situations or when engaging in activities that require health restoration.

6. Can I obtain Agility experience while Barb Fishing?

Yes, engaging in Barbarian Fishing provides an opportunity to passively gain Agility experience. It is possible to level up Agility from 1 to 74 solely by participating in Barbarian Fishing activities until reaching 99 Fishing.


In conclusion, Barb Fish OSRS offers an exciting fishing experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re aiming to boost your Fishing skill, train your Cooking, or simply enjoy the thrill of catching leaping fish, Barb Fish is a rewarding endeavor. Remember to complete the Fishing Contest quest to gain access to the Barbarian Outpost, bring the necessary equipment, and utilize the optimal fishing methods to maximize your experience gains.

So, grab your Heavy Fishing Rod, stock up on fishing bait, and head to the Barbarian Outpost to embark on your Barb Fish OSRS adventure. Happy fishing!

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