How Many Cannonballs Per Hour OSRS? [2024]

How Many Cannonballs Per Hour OSRS? Old School RuneScape, or OSRS for short, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was released in 2013 as a nostalgic throwback to the original version of RuneScape. It offers players a chance to relive the classic gameplay and experience the world of Gielinor in its original form. With its pixelated graphics and simple mechanics, OSRS has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular online game with a large player base.
  • Cannonballs are a type of ammunition used in combat and training in OSRS.
  • Players can make up to 1,500 cannonballs per hour in OSRS with the right tools and resources.
  • Factors that affect cannonball production include player level, equipment, and location.
  • Selling cannonballs can be a profitable venture in OSRS, but there are also alternative methods for making money in the game.
  • How Many Cannonballs Per Hour OSRS?

What are cannonballs and how are they used in OSRS?

Cannonballs are ammunition used for the Dwarf multicannon, a powerful weapon in OSRS. These spherical projectiles are made by players using the Smithing skill. Once created, cannonballs can be loaded into the cannon and fired at enemies, dealing significant damage. The cannon is particularly useful in combat situations where players need to quickly dispatch multiple foes.

How many cannonballs can be made per hour in OSRS?

The production rate of cannonballs in OSRS depends on several factors, including the player’s Smithing level and the efficiency of their actions. On average, a player with a high Smithing level and optimal conditions can produce around 1,500 cannonballs per hour. However, this number can vary depending on the player’s skill level and experience.

Factors that affect the production rate of cannonballs in OSRS

Smithing levelThe higher the level, the faster the production rate
Smithing equipmentBetter equipment can increase the production rate
Experience bonusExperience boosting items can increase the production rate
Efficiency bonusEfficiency boosting items can increase the production rate
Bar typeDifferent types of bars have different production rates
LocationSome locations have faster production rates than others

Several factors can impact the production rate of cannonballs in OSRS. Firstly, the player’s Smithing level plays a crucial role. The higher the Smithing level, the faster and more efficiently they can create cannonballs. Additionally, having access to certain equipment, such as the Blast Furnace or an anvil close to a bank, can significantly speed up the process.

Furthermore, the player’s familiarity with the process of making cannonballs also affects their production rate. Experienced players who have mastered the technique and developed efficient strategies can produce cannonballs at a faster pace compared to beginners. Lastly, the availability of resources, such as iron ore and coal, can also impact the production rate.

The importance of cannonballs in combat and training in OSRS

Cannonballs play a vital role in combat and training in OSRS. In combat situations, the Dwarf multicannon armed with cannonballs can deal massive damage to enemies, making it an invaluable asset for players looking to quickly defeat foes. Additionally, using the cannon can also help players train their Ranged skill, as each successful hit with a cannonball grants experience points.

Moreover, cannonballs are often used in high-level boss fights and player-versus-player (PvP) activities. Their ability to hit multiple targets at once makes them highly effective in these scenarios. Therefore, having a steady supply of cannonballs is crucial for players who wish to excel in combat and training.

How to make cannonballs in OSRS

To make cannonballs in OSRS, players must first have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest and have a Smithing level of at least 35. Once these requirements are met, the player needs to gather iron ore and coal. Iron ore can be obtained by mining rocks found throughout Gielinor, while coal can be purchased from various NPCs or mined as well.

With the necessary resources in hand, players should head to a furnace or the Blast Furnace located in Keldagrim. At the furnace, they need to use the iron ore on it to create iron bars. Then, players should use the coal on the furnace to smelt the iron bars into steel bars. Finally, using a steel bar on an anvil while having a hammer in their inventory will allow players to create four cannonballs per bar.

Tools and resources needed for making cannonballs in OSRS

To make cannonballs in OSRS, players will need several tools and resources. Firstly, they will need a hammer, which can be obtained from various NPCs or purchased from the Grand Exchange. Additionally, players will need iron ore and coal, which can be obtained through mining or purchased from other players or NPCs.

Furthermore, players may choose to use the Blast Furnace located in Keldagrim for faster and more efficient cannonball production. However, using the Blast Furnace requires a fee and completion of the quest “The Giant Dwarf.” Alternatively, players can use any regular furnace found throughout Gielinor.

Tips and tricks for maximizing cannonball production in OSRS

To maximize cannonball production in OSRS, players should consider the following tips and tricks. Firstly, it is recommended to have a high Smithing level before attempting to make cannonballs, as this will increase the production rate. Players should also ensure they have a sufficient supply of iron ore and coal to avoid interruptions during the process.

Using the Blast Furnace can significantly speed up cannonball production, so players should consider completing the necessary quest and paying the fee to access it. Additionally, having an anvil located close to a bank can save time by reducing the distance traveled between smelting and banking.

Lastly, players should aim to develop an efficient rhythm while creating cannonballs. By practicing and refining their technique, they can minimize wasted time and maximize their overall production rate.

How to sell cannonballs for profit in OSRS

Selling cannonballs for profit in OSRS is relatively straightforward. Players can list their cannonballs on the Grand Exchange, a marketplace where players can buy and sell items. It is recommended to check the current market price of cannonballs before listing them to ensure a competitive price.

Alternatively, players can also sell their cannonballs directly to other players through trade or by advertising in popular player hubs. This method may require more effort and negotiation, but it can potentially yield higher profits.

Alternatives to making cannonballs in OSRS

While making cannonballs is the most common method of obtaining them in OSRS, there are alternative ways to acquire these valuable projectiles. Players can purchase cannonballs directly from other players through the Grand Exchange or by trading with them. This method is convenient for those who do not wish to spend time and resources on creating cannonballs themselves.

Additionally, players can also obtain cannonballs as drops from certain monsters or as rewards from various activities, such as completing quests or participating in minigames. These alternative methods provide players with options to obtain cannonballs without the need for Smithing or crafting.

Conclusion and final thoughts on cannonball production in OSRS

In conclusion, cannonball production in OSRS is a valuable skill that can greatly enhance a player’s combat abilities and training efficiency. By understanding the mechanics of creating cannonballs and implementing efficient strategies, players can maximize their production rate and ensure a steady supply of these powerful projectiles.

Whether players choose to create cannonballs themselves or explore alternative methods of obtaining them, the importance of cannonballs in combat and training cannot be overstated. Their ability to deal significant damage to multiple enemies makes them a sought-after resource in the world of Gielinor.

So, whether you’re a seasoned adventurer looking to optimize your cannonball production or a newcomer eager to explore the possibilities of OSRS, mastering the art of creating cannonballs will undoubtedly prove beneficial on your journey through this nostalgic MMORPG.

FAQs How Many Cannonballs Per Hour OSRS?

What is OSRS?

OSRS stands for Old School RuneScape, which is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Jagex.

What is the purpose of cannonballs in OSRS?

Cannonballs are used as ammunition for the Dwarf multicannon, a powerful ranged weapon in OSRS. The cannon can fire up to 30 cannonballs per minute.

How many cannonballs can be made per hour in OSRS?

In OSRS, players can make up to 2,000 cannonballs per hour by using a furnace and steel bars. This requires level 35 Smithing and completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest.

What is the cost of making cannonballs in OSRS?

The cost of making cannonballs in OSRS varies depending on the current market price of steel bars and the cost of using a furnace. As of August 2021, the cost of making 2,000 cannonballs is approximately 1.2 million coins.

Can cannonballs be bought or sold in OSRS?

Yes, cannonballs can be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange, which is a marketplace in OSRS where players can trade items with each other. The price of cannonballs on the Grand Exchange fluctuates based on supply and demand.

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