How to get to Catherby OSRS [Fast Way 2024]

If you’re here, your first and top query is How to get to Catherby OSRS? Catherby is a coastal town located in the popular online game Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Situated on the western coast of the game’s world, Catherby offers players a picturesque and vibrant environment to explore. With its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and bustling marketplace, Catherby has become a beloved destination for players seeking adventure, resources, and social interaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Catherby is an important location in OSRS with various activities and NPCs to interact with.
  • Proper preparation and choosing the right transportation method can make the journey to Catherby quicker and safer.
  • Navigating the map and avoiding obstacles is crucial when traveling to Catherby.
  • Teleportation spells and items can be used to reach Catherby faster.
  • Completing quests and tasks in Catherby can provide rewards and experience.

Understanding the importance of Catherby in OSRS

Catherby plays a crucial role in the game, serving as a hub for various activities and resources. One of its main attractions is the Fishing Guild, which is renowned for its abundance of fishing spots and high-level fishing opportunities. Players can test their angling skills and reel in valuable catches such as sharks and lobsters. Additionally, Catherby is home to a range of shops and stalls where players can buy and sell items, making it a popular trading spot.

Preparing for the journey to Catherby

Before embarking on the journey to Catherby, it is essential to come prepared. As a coastal town, players should consider bringing fishing equipment if they wish to take advantage of the abundant fishing spots. Additionally, it is advisable to bring food and potions to sustain oneself during the journey and any potential encounters with hostile creatures along the way. It is also wise to stock up on teleportation items or spells for a quick escape if needed.

To get to Catherby in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you have a few options depending on your current location and the transportation methods available to you. Here are some common ways to reach Catherby:

  1. Teleportation Spells or Tablets:
    • If you have unlocked the appropriate teleportation spells or have teleportation tablets, you can use them to directly teleport to Catherby. The spell “Catherby Teleport” requires level 87 Magic and requires the Lunar Spellbook. Alternatively, you can use a Camelot teleport and walk south from Camelot.
  2. Fairy Rings:
    • If you’ve unlocked the Fairy Rings transportation network by completing the Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen quest, you can use the code “A•L•Q” to teleport near Catherby. From there, you’ll need to walk a short distance south.
  3. Charter Ships:
    • Catherby has a charter ship dock where you can pay a fee to charter a ship to and from various locations around Gielinor. If you’re near a location with a charter ship, you can charter a ship to Catherby.
  4. Walking or Running:
    • If you prefer not to use teleportation methods, you can walk or run to Catherby from nearby locations. Catherby is located west of the White Wolf Mountain and south of Seers’ Village. You can access it by walking from Seers’ Village or the other side of White Wolf Mountain.
  5. Camelot Teleport:
    • If you have completed the Merlin’s Crystal quest, you can use the Camelot teleport spell, which teleports you to Camelot. From Camelot, you can walk south to reach Catherby.

Choosing the best transportation method How to get to Catherby OSRS

Walking30 minutesFreeLow
Biking15 minutesFree (if you have a bike)Medium
Bus20 minutes2.50High
Taxi10 minutes10High

There are several transportation options available for reaching Catherby. One popular method is using the Camelot teleport spell, which teleports players near Seers’ Village, just a short distance away from Catherby. Another option is utilizing the Ardougne teleport spell, which brings players close to Ardougne, allowing them to travel to Catherby via a charter ship. Players can also opt to use the Fairy Ring network, with the code “AKQ,” which teleports them to the nearby Piscatoris Fishing Colony, a short walk away from Catherby.

Navigating the map to find the quickest route to Catherby

To reach Catherby from different starting points, players can follow a step-by-step guide. From Lumbridge, players should head east towards Draynor Village, then continue east until they reach Port Sarim. From there, they can take a ship to Ardougne and travel south to Catherby. Alternatively, players starting in Varrock can head east towards Edgeville, cross the Wilderness, and continue east until they reach Ardougne. From Ardougne, they can take a charter ship to Catherby.

Tips for avoiding obstacles and dangers on the way to Catherby

While traveling to Catherby, players should be cautious of potential obstacles and dangers. The Wilderness poses a significant threat, as it is home to aggressive monsters and player killers. It is advisable to avoid this area or take precautions such as traveling with a group or using teleportation spells/items to bypass it. Additionally, players should be wary of aggressive creatures along the route and come prepared with combat equipment if necessary.

Making use of teleportation spells and items to reach Catherby faster

Teleportation spells and items can significantly expedite the journey to Catherby. As mentioned earlier, spells such as Camelot teleport and Ardougne teleport can transport players close to Catherby, saving them time and effort. Other useful teleportation items include amulets of glory, which can teleport players to Edgeville or Karamja, both of which are relatively close to Catherby. Utilizing these teleportation options wisely can make the journey more efficient and convenient.

Exploring the different areas and activities in Catherby

Once players arrive in Catherby, they will find a plethora of areas to explore and activities to engage in. The Fishing Guild is a must-visit location for fishing enthusiasts, offering various fishing spots and a bank for convenient storage. The marketplace is bustling with shops and stalls where players can buy and sell items, including fishing supplies, food, and potions. The beach provides a serene setting for relaxation or socializing with other players. Additionally, players can venture into the nearby White Wolf Mountain for further exploration and quests.

Meeting the NPCs and learning about their roles in Catherby

Catherby is home to several non-player characters (NPCs) who play important roles in the town’s functioning. One notable NPC is Arhein, who runs a general store where players can purchase various items, including farming supplies. Head Farmer Jones oversees the farming patches located just outside of Catherby, providing players with opportunities to grow crops and herbs. Additionally, players can interact with various fishermen and fisherwomen who offer fishing-related services and information.

Completing quests and tasks in Catherby for rewards and experience

Catherby offers players a range of quests and tasks to complete, providing rewards and valuable experience points. One such quest is “One Small Favour,” which involves assisting various NPCs in Catherby and other nearby locations. Completing this quest rewards players with experience points in multiple skills. Additionally, players can engage in activities such as fishing, farming, and cooking to gain experience in their respective skills. These activities not only provide valuable rewards but also contribute to character progression.

Conclusion and final thoughts on getting to Catherby in OSRS

In conclusion, Catherby is a vibrant coastal town in Old School RuneScape that offers players a multitude of activities, resources, and social interactions. Its significance in the game cannot be overstated, as it serves as a hub for fishing, trading, and questing. By adequately preparing for the journey, utilizing teleportation options, and navigating the map efficiently, players can reach Catherby and explore its many offerings. Whether it’s fishing in the guild, completing quests, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the town, Catherby is a destination worth visiting in OSRS.


What is Catherby in OSRS?

Catherby is a coastal town located in the members-only area of RuneScape, known as Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It is situated on the southern coast of the Kandarin province.

What is the purpose of going to Catherby in OSRS?

Catherby is a popular destination for players in OSRS because it offers various activities such as fishing, farming, cooking, and more. It is also the location of several quests and mini-games.

How do I get to Catherby in OSRS?

There are several ways to get to Catherby in OSRS. One way is to use the Camelot Teleport spell, which requires level 45 Magic and completion of the King’s Ransom quest. Another way is to use the Catherby Teleport spell, which requires level 87 Magic and completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Players can also use the Fairy Ring network by entering the code “AKS” or using the Charter Ship from various ports.

Can I walk to Catherby in OSRS?

Yes, players can walk to Catherby in OSRS. However, it is a long journey from most starting locations and can be dangerous due to the presence of aggressive monsters along the way.

What are some notable features of Catherby in OSRS?

Catherby has several notable features, including a fishing shop, a farming patch, a range for cooking, a bank, and a quest start point. It is also the location of the Fishing Trawler mini-game and the One Small Favour quest.

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