How to Start Slayer OSRS? [Guide 2024]

If you’re new to Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and are interested in leveling up your Slayer skill, you’ve come to the right place. Slayer is a member-only skill that involves killing monsters for rewards and experience points. It can be challenging but is also one of the most rewarding skills to level up.

Before you start slaying monsters, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the skill. In this section, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to Slayer in OSRS, starting with the fundamentals. You’ll learn how to begin your Slayer journey, how to choose the right masters to train with, and understand how to earn points effectively.

How to start Slayer OSRS

Starting Slayer in OSRS is easy, and there are only a few steps involved. To begin, you’ll need to speak with any Slayer master found in various cities across the game. They’ll give you a simple task, usually involving killing a few low-level monsters, to complete your first task.

Choosing the right Slayer master

Choosing the right Slayer master is essential to make the most out of your training. Various Slayer masters are available throughout the game, each with their own requirements and benefits. We’ll provide a detailed guide on the different Slayer masters available, how to access them, and which master to choose, depending on your level and goals.

Earning Slayer points effectively

Slayer points are crucial to the Slayer skill in OSRS. They allow you to unlock bonuses, upgrades, and other essential aspects of Slayer training. In this section, you’ll learn various methods to earn Slayer points efficiently. We’ll provide you with tips and strategies to accumulate as many Slayer points as possible and make the most out of your training.

Enhancing your Slayer gear and unlocks

As you progress in Slayer, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right gear and unlocks. We’ll discuss the Slayer helm, the best slayer monsters to target for valuable drops, and other essential Slayer unlocks. By optimizing your gear and utilizing the right unlocks, you’ll enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as a Slayer.

Key Takeaways

  • Starting Slayer in OSRS is easy, requiring only a few simple steps.
  • Choosing the right Slayer master is essential for maximizing your training.
  • Slayer points are crucial to Slayer training, allowing you to unlock bonuses and upgrades.
  • Enhancing your gear and using the right unlocks can significantly improve your Slayer efficiency.

How to Start Slayer OSRS

Congratulations on starting your journey as a Slayer! It can be overwhelming to know where to begin, but we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps to start your Slayer training in OSRS:

  1. Access a Slayer Master: To access Slayer tasks, you need to speak to a Slayer master. The basic Slayer master is Turael, who can be found in Burthorpe. Once there, he will offer you your first task. You can progress on to other Slayer masters as you gain combat levels and Slayer points.
  2. Receive Your Task: When you receive a task from a Slayer master, they will tell you what monsters to kill and how many. You can also get information on the general location of the monsters.
  3. Complete Your Task: Once you’ve received your task, it’s time to put those Slayer skills to work. Head out to the designated area and start slaying those monsters. Make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to take on the challenge.
  4. Earn Slayer Points: Completing Slayer tasks will earn you Slayer points, which you can use to unlock new gear and abilities. The more tasks you complete, the more Slayer points you earn.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled Slayer in OSRS. Remember, it’s a journey, so take your time and enjoy the process. Happy slaying!

Choosing the Right Slayer Master

Once you’ve started your Slayer training in OSRS, selecting the right Slayer master is critical to your success. The following table outlines the different Slayer masters available and their respective requirements:

Slayer MasterRequirementsLocationBenefits
Turael/SpriaNone/1 CombatBurthorpeEasier tasks
Mazchna20 CombatCanifisBetter assignments, chance for Temple Trekking minigame key
Vannaka40 CombatEdgeville DungeonGood assignments, chance to receive Slayer helmet components
Chaeldar70 Combat, Lost City questZanarisHigh-level tasks, ability to use fairy rings to get to other tasks quicker
Nieve/Steve85 Combat, completion of at least 5 Slayer tasksGnome StrongholdChallenging high-level tasks, access to cave krakens and thermonuclear smoke devils
Duradel/Lapalok100 Combat, completion of at least 50 Slayer tasksShilo VillageDifficult high-level tasks, access to Cerberus and Abyssal Sire

When deciding on a Slayer master, consider your combat level, the tasks you prefer, and the benefits you want to gain. Choosing the right Slayer master is a crucial part of your Slayer journey and will help you maximize your training.

Don’t forget to check out the slayer guide for OSRS to ensure you’re making the most of your training with the right gear and strategies.

Earning Slayer Points Effectively

Slayer points are crucial to advance in the Slayer skill in OSRS. By accumulating these points, you’ll be able to access different upgrades and bonuses that will facilitate and enhance your training. Here are some tips and strategies to earn Slayer points effectively:

  1. Complete Slayer Tasks – Each time you finish a Slayer task, you’ll earn Slayer points that increase depending on the difficulty of the task. As you progress in Slayer, you’ll be able to access more challenging and rewarding tasks that offer more Slayer points.
  2. Unlock Perks – By completing Slayer challenges, you’ll gain access to unique perks that will increase your Slayer points for every task you complete. Some of these perks include the ability to skip tasks, extend task duration, and gain extra points for completing hard tasks.
  3. Buy Rewards – You can spend your accumulated Slayer points in the rewards shop to unlock bonuses such as the Slayer helmet, which provides a damage boost against Slayer monsters, or the Slayer ring, which offers teleportation to various Slayer locations.
  4. Participate In Slayer Events – Seasonal events such as Winter Weekends or Summer Specials offer unique Slayer challenges that grant additional Slayer points and rewards.

By implementing the above strategies, you’ll be able to earn Slayer points efficiently, and maximize your Slayer training in OSRS. Keep in mind that Slayer points are valuable, so it’s essential to use them strategically and wisely.

Enhancing Your Slayer Gear and Unlocks

As you progress in Slayer, it’s crucial to have the right gear and unlocks to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some essential Slayer equipment and unlocks to help you become a skilled Slayer in OSRS.

Slayer Helm

The Slayer helm is a unique piece of equipment that offers many advantages to slayers. When equipped, it provides a 15% accuracy and damage boost to any monster assigned as part of a slayer task, making it a must-have for any serious Slayer. To obtain the Slayer helm, you must first unlock the ability to craft it by spending Slayer points with any Slayer master.

Best Slayer Monsters

Targeting the right Slayer monsters is crucial for efficient training and valuable drops. Here are some of the best Slayer monsters to consider:

  • Abyssal demons for their high Slayer XP and valuable drops, including the Abyssal whip and the Abyssal dagger.
  • Dark beasts for their high Slayer XP and valuable drops, including the Dark bow and the Dragon pickaxe.
  • Greater demons for their high XP rates and valuable drops, including the Zamorakian spear and the Imbued Heart.

Other Essential Slayer Unlocks

In addition to the Slayer helm, other Slayer unlocks can enhance your Slayer gameplay. Consider unlocking the following:

  • Slayer rings for quick teleportation to various Slayer locations
  • Herb sack for convenient herb storage during Slayer tasks
  • Ferocious gloves for increased accuracy and damage against Kurask and Turoth

By mastering the Slayer helm, targeting the best Slayer monsters, and utilizing essential Slayer unlocks, you’ll set yourself up for success as a Slayer in OSRS.


Congratulations! You have completed our beginner’s guide to Slayer in OSRS. By following these steps, you are now equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to start your Slayer journey and become a master Slayer.

Remember, choosing the right Slayer master is key to your success in the game. Earn Slayer points efficiently by completing tasks and unlocking bonuses and upgrades. Enhance your Slayer gear and unlocks to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in combat.

Slayer can be a challenging skill to master, but the rewards are certainly worth it. From valuable drops to unique experiences, Slayer offers an exciting adventure for all players. So start your adventure today and see where your Slayer journey takes you!


How do I start Slayer in OSRS?

To start Slayer in OSRS, you’ll need to have a Slayer level of at least 1. Simply find a Slayer master, such as Turael in Burthorpe or Mazchna in Canifis, and talk to them to obtain your first Slayer task. Complete the task by killing the assigned monsters, and you’ll earn Slayer experience and progress in the skill.

How do I choose the right Slayer master?

The right Slayer master depends on your level and goals. Turael is a good starting point for beginners, as he assigns easier tasks. As you progress, consider upgrading to higher-level masters like Konar or Nieve/Steve for more challenging tasks and higher Slayer point rewards.

How can I earn Slayer points effectively?

You can earn Slayer points by completing Slayer tasks. The number of points you receive depends on the difficulty of the task. To increase your point earnings, consider unlocking Slayer rewards, such as the ability to skip tasks or extend the task duration. Additionally, make use of Slayer equipment like the Slayer helm or black mask to gain bonus points.

What are the essential Slayer gear and unlocks?

When it comes to Slayer gear, the Slayer helmet is a must-have. It provides various bonuses and damage boosts when on a Slayer task. As for unlocks, consider investing Slayer points in the Slayer ring, which allows for quick teleportation to various Slayer locations. Focus on unlocking and prioritizing areas with valuable Slayer monsters, such as the Catacombs of Kourend or the Slayer Tower.

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